Previous Faculty Projects

Hi Everyone,

As promised, here are some of the projects from the last group of faculty members.

As you read over them, notice that there are some key points of information we are looking for.
Items we would like you to include are:

-The project name and general idea.
-Any key partnerships, works of literature, or art you plan on utilizing.
-A general assessment of which VALUE rubric outcome you would like to use.
-The evaluation level you wish your students to achieve.
-Any additional information you think is relevant to your project.

Keep in mind that your project doesn’t have to look exactly like these examples, but if you follow these guidelines it should serve to help articulate your project ideas.

Project 1:
By: Natasha Tsidilkovski

NTa1 nta2 nt3 nt4 nt5

Project 2:
By: Nina Davidson

nd1 nd2 nd3 nd4 nd5 nd6 nd7 nd8

Project 3:
By: Marieka Brouwer Burg

mb1 mb2 mb3 mb4 mb5 mb6 mb7mb8

Most importantly, be creative, and refer to these if you get stuck at any point.

All the best,
-Jordan Hamilton

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Resource Guide

Here’s the updated  list of links you may find helpful in developing your courses with civic/global/multicultural learning in mind!


MCC’s collaborative Asian studies development program:

MCC’s service learning website:

Classroom and organizational guiding principles:

AAC&U’s global learning index:

Massachusetts Campus Compact:

The Democracy Commitment:

Imagining America:

Center for Democracy and Citizenship:

The Civic Spectrum, a publication of the Kettering Foundation

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Welcome to our e-portfolio/blog!

Hi, everyone.  I’ve invited you to take a look at this VERY simple blog and see if you think it will be helpful in keeping track of some of the work as we move forward on the Difference/Community/Democracy curriculum project.  I don’t expect that everyone will want to blog about what they are doing, but at least we can post some of the common resources here and use it as a place to seek feedback from one another as we move forward (and eventually add more folks to our ranks).  Let me know what you think!

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